Composite Geomembrane

Composite Geomembrane is made of Geotextile (short fiber needle punched Geotextile) compound them on the surface of HDPE Geomembrane by special process technology, it is multi-function anti-leakage liner with high strength, reinforcement, separation, drainage, protection and slip resistance.

Be of excellent quality and wide adaptability, adopted by digital constant temperature oven composite process with high precision, ultraviolet resistance, the width is up to 4 meters, can greatly reduce quality problem due to construction and other man-made cause, and accelerate the project progress.

One cloth one Geomembrane base cloth:

  • 100-1000g/m2
  • Geomembrane thickness: 0.25 - 1mm

Two cloth one Geomembrane base cloth:

  • 100-600g/m2
  • Geomembrane thickness: 0.25 - 1mm